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    sergio Guest

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    can somebody please give me a simple code for mailing something from within the form to somebody at the time of pressing the submit button. not using CDONTS because my server does not allow me use those.<BR><BR>this is the life&#060;-&#062;death matter..

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    There is plenty of examples/articles on how to send email without using CDONTS. You can use Jmail, ASPMail, ... just go to 4guys web site and make a search on sending email, you&#039;ll find plenty of articles

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Not that easy...

    If you can&#039;t use CDONTS, you have 2 choices. You can use mailto: in the form action tag, as in &#060;form name=form1 action="" method="post"&#062;. This won&#039;t work for a silent mailing, since the user&#039;s email client will up come. If it needs to be silent, you&#039;ll probably have to use CGI or Perl.

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