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    Hi there..<BR><BR>We&#039;ve got an interesting problem having to do with displaying a PDF stored in a database.<BR><BR>We&#039;re trying to enable our clients to see confidential information over our new client portal. As a step in accomplishing this, we have an interface to upload and store documents in a SQL 7 database. This part of the process works wonderfully.<BR><BR>The display part works great for non-PDF files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, GIF/JPG images, etc.) but fails on displaying a PDF. Any pointers? Is this something to do with the PDF getting distorted in the DB? <BR><BR>Can someone spell out the steps they&#039;re doing to display PDF&#039;s stored in a DB?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>-Ben

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    Are you setting <BR>response.ContentType to the correct mime type for pdfs before doing a response.binary.write?

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