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    Default coldfusion vs asp

    which one is best and why?

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    Default look at this thread

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    Barnaby Jones Guest

    Default RE: look at this thread

    No one in that thread knew the answer though. They just told him to look somewhere else.

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    Default Depends on what you want to do.

    Coldfusion is easier to deal with...And quicked to get to production. ASP is far more powerful...There is a lot more functionality and flexibility. Coldfusion only has (I believe) something like 130 tags....Whereas with ASP you get several entire languages to choose from.

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Resources...

    One thing to keep in mind is that you can run ASP right off the an NT server, since it comes packed with IIS. If you want to run ColdFusion, you'll have to purchase the server, which is kinda expensive. Also, from what I understand, ColdFusion is rather resource intensive. In talking to people, the only real advantage coldfusion has in that the code is tag based, which makes it a little easier to read. I think ASP technology is more powerful.

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