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    Pat Baillar Guest

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    If I declare a session object like this<BR> set ErrNotif = Server.CreateObject ("ErrNotif.ErrorNotifier")<BR> set Session("SessionObject") = ErrNotif<BR>And later on i modified its properties. Do you know if there&#039;s way with the session.contents to browse through the session variable and object. And when an object is found to browse through its properties by using a FOR EACH ... IN ... NEXT or something else. I successfully retrieve the name of variable and object but I need to browse through an object store in the session without hardcoding everything.

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    This is not going to help too much but do not store objects in your seesion variables, this is one of the cardinal sins of ASP, avoid it like the plague, there is always a better way to do it.

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    Pat Baillar Guest

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    Well thanks for the tip but it&#039;s in prod now ! But i still got to browse through that session object without hardcoding it.

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