I&#039;ve got a web project that I&#039;m editing with Visual Interdev. When I try and copy in a directory of images to it (drag the folder from Windows Explorer into the Project Explorer), I&#039;m getting the following error:<BR><BR>Unable to add &#039;detailsnorm.gif&#039; to the project. Server error: Cannot create directory "E:appsdefaultwebsitewebsite-devcommonimagescommon_vti_cnf".<BR><BR>(I&#039;m dragging in the "common" folder and dropping it on the "images" folder in Interdev&#039;s project explorer.)<BR><BR>What might be causing this? I can manually create a "common" folder, but dragging a new file into it doesn&#039;t work -- I get the same error. However, I can drag an individual image from Windows Explorer into the "images" folder and it works fine. Interdev succeeds in creating the "common" folder but will then not add dragged in images to it, nor can I "Add" a new file to it from the Interdev menus. Moreover, I then can&#039;t delete the created "common" folder from Interdev; I have to delete it from the webserver manually first and it *then* can be deleted from Interdev.<BR><BR>Is the path name too long or something?<BR><BR>Aq.<BR>