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    I have a bit of a problem with a web page Im planning to build.<BR>The page will contain 4-6 drop down boxes where I collect info from a DB. These drop down boxes are related. <BR>I&#039;ll try and explain using an example. Just for argument sake the name of the drop down boxes are Name, city, and Country. If I then select "England" as a country I&#039;d only like to show the<BR>cities and name that belong to that country. How do I updated the other drop down boxes after I&#039;ve made a selection without refreshing ? <BR>I guess the only way to catch an select from a drop_down box is through client side script, Im gussing javascript is the only solution in asp ? Since I&#039;ve only been using vbscript upto know, is it difficult to switch between the two? Anyone know a good example of the above problem ?<BR><BR>Cheers

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    Default Client side XMLHttp or Client side Remote Scriptin

    ...These aren&#039;t difficult to write but will take you some time to learn if you aren&#039;t familiar with either of these two.<BR>XMLHttp is not something I believe is supported in Netscape although I&#039;m not 100% certain of that.

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