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    Sean Guest

    Default server.transfer question

    I have never used server.transfer in my code before but it has turned out to be a possible solution to a problem with an application I&#039;m developing. I attempted to use server.transfer("newpage.asp") and I get:<BR>&#039;object doesn&#039;t support this property or method: &#039;transfer&#039;&#039;<BR>Am I leaving something out here? I am running IIS5. Do I need to include something from the option pack? Cheers for the help guys,<BR>Sean.

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    option pack?? makes me suspect you&#039;re not actually using IIS5.0 - since IIS5.0 doesn&#039;t come on any option pack - it&#039;s on the Windows 2000 install CD (and ONLY there - it won&#039;t run on any other platform)<BR><BR>try this<BR><BR>Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables ("server_software"))<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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    Sean Guest

    Default cheers mate

    The response was Microsoft-IIS/4.0 I hadn&#039;t bothered to check once I was told it was IIS5. I suppose you gotta check everything yourself in the long run. When I mentioned the option pack I was referring to NTserver - I thought I might have missed something on it. Cheers anyway. Should I suggest an upgrade to IIS5, or would that cause issues with the software we have already developed and are supporting?

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    Default It'll run fine in IIS5.0

    ...I believe all of the old ASP functionality is still there with some additions. Shouldn&#039;t be a problem but you should test it on a test box first.

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