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    Hi<BR><BR>I have access to my websites DB via enterprise or the browser, which ever I choose to use.<BR><BR>How can I backup SQL tables + thier data, stored procedures etc into a *.sql file that can be executed/placed onto another SQL server without too much hassle.<BR><BR>Is this possible at all ? I am assuming it is as I downloaded some sample code for a forum which ran on both an MSACCESS and SQL db and the SQL setup came with a file with *.sql extension.<BR><BR>TIA<BR>JasonC

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    Default Sure script the thing!

    Simply right click on the DB and choose "All Tasks -&#062; Generate SQL Script". I am using 2000, so the selection may be slightly different on your version, but select all objects and decide if you want all related objects as well (triggers, foreign key constraints, etc.) and save teh *.sql script. This will not produce a script for your data to be inserted into the new DB (I haven&#039;t found an option for that yet). A backup of the DB will provide that - but if you go that far, you could always create the shell, detach the new db, slide in a copy of the datafiles and then attach the DB to this file. That depends on the size of the file though. Anyone else on scripting the actual data?

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