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    I need to set up a page that will grab a web page from another server and then do some processing with the contents of the page. The difficult part is that I need to modify some of the information in the request that is sent to the server. In particular I want to be able to modify the information regarding the application which is sending the request (ie explorer, navigator). We need to be able to put information in that application spot for later analysis of the log files. We can do this no problem in a server component, but I need to make some requests from servers that I can&#039t install custom components on so it has to be done with scripts. Thanks a lot for any ideas.<BR>

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    Ben,<BR><BR>Please see my post from Wed. Dec, 1 entitled "HTTP through ASP".<BR><BR>The post may not help you much because I&#039m encountering similar problems of my own but my thought is that two heads are better than one.<BR><BR>Besides, I didn&#039t want your post to sit around unanswered for a week... like mine has!<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>dp

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