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    Default CDONTS

    I read an article on this site that mentioned CDONTS can be installed from the NT Service Pack 4 CD. I'm using Windows 2000. Can I still install CDONTS using that Pack 4 CD? If not, where can I get it? Does it come with the windows 2000 CD?

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    Default should have, yes

    search for cdonts.dll<BR><BR>or just try running a CDONTS script, see if it works..heheheh

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    Default But ...

    It is possible that you have CDONTS on your server, but you can&#039;t send email using it.<BR><BR>If that is the case, read this article:<BR><BR>

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    K. Guest

    Default I have found ASPMail...

    is more reliable...and it&#039;s free.

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    arjuna Guest

    Default here's another good one...

    ... and free too<BR><BR>

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