I need to run a bat file as admin, and have no idea how. I&#039;ve searched high and low. is it possible?<BR><BR>I can&#039;t even get a simple bat file to run where it just copies itself to the same directory.<BR><BR>OS: W2K<BR>NTFS: I&#039;ve checked all folders I&#039;m using such that IUSR has complete permissions.<BR>IIS: I have made sure that read and execute is enabled on the site I&#039;m working with.<BR><BR>Code example (using ASPEXEC.dll):<BR><BR>Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR>Executor .Application = "cmd.exe"<BR>Executor.Parameters = "c:
un.bat"<BR>Executor.ShowWindow = True<BR>Response.Write "Attempting to execute " & Executor.Application & "<BR>"<BR>strResult = Executor.ExecuteWinApp<BR><BR><BR>Other simple example:<BR><BR>set wshell = server.createobject("wscript.shell") <BR> wshell.run "C:
un.bat"<BR> &#039;(also tried: "cmd /c C:
un.bat", and "c/ C:
un.bat")<BR>set wshell = nothing <BR><BR><BR>Other attempts with the command string:<BR><BR>1) "Runas /user:MachineNameadmin c:
un.bat"<BR>1a) Will not work because runas needs password afterwords<BR><BR>2) "su admin c:
un.bat &#060; pass.txt" (with password in pass.txt)<BR>2a) This work in one nice step mannually from the command promt, but I dunno why it doesn&#039;t with ASP using the above mentioned methods. "su.exe" comes in W2K resource kit, and is like runas, but you can "echo" the password into place.<BR><BR><BR>I am pulling my hair out trying to get this simple thing to work. I just wanna run a bat file from an ASP page! I&#039;ve tried messing with all kinds of permissions, authentication, everything. am I missing something?