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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;m working on a mailing list system and I&#039;m planning on sending the messages using the xp_sendmail procedure in SQL Server 7.0.<BR><BR>My only concern is with the performance of that procedure. If I loop through a list of recipients (probably 2000 to 3000) of them, is this going to kill my SQL server performance wise?<BR><BR>Anyone have experience with something like this?

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    It will depend on the configuration of your SQL Server and how many processors you have... If you have the load distributed over enough processors or a cluster, it will fine. How much other volume do you get on your SQL Server? <BR><BR>I don&#039;t know if this is an option for you, considering your IIS setup, but have you thought about using the "CDONTS.NewMail" object?

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    Unfortunately we don&#039;t have access to the CDONTS objects, so that&#039;s not an option for me.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll do some testing on the SQL server and see how it handles this load, if it doesn&#039;t work out I guess I&#039;ll find a different option.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.

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