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    I have two annoying problems.<BR>When I log in to my page it takes forever. Does anyone have any idea how to speed a log in, the same problem with log out?<BR>Next problem is concerning authorisation. The correctly logged on user is supposed to have access to some pages, nobody else. <BR>I guess this is pretty easy but I´m not getting it right.<BR>Thanks, Kristin

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    &#062;&#062;When I log in to my page it takes forever<BR><BR>There are an infinite number of reasons why that&#039;s happening:<BR><BR>Server Hardware insufficient<BR>Many users<BR>poor coding<BR>large images<BR>many objects<BR>etc.<BR><BR>What are you doing on that page? What type of server are you running? What&#039;s the hardware specs?<BR><BR><BR>Next<BR><BR>How are you "giving access" to the users? Post your code so we can take a look.

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