This is the dumbest thing....why aren't my Re

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Thread: This is the dumbest thing....why aren't my Re

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    Mike M. Guest

    Default This is the dumbest thing....why aren't my Re

    This is what I have and they read null even though they are all the right file names from the form.<BR><BR>low(1) = Request.Form("txtlow1")<BR>low(2) = Request.Form("txtlow2")<BR>low(3) = Request.Form("txtlow3")<BR>low(4) = Request.Form("txtlow4")<BR>low1night = Request.Form("txtlow1night")<BR><BR>high(1) = Request.Form("txthigh1")<BR>high(2) = Request.Form("txthigh2")<BR>high(3) = Request.Form("txthigh3")<BR>high(4) = Request.Form("txthigh4")<BR>high1night = Request.Form("txthigh1night")<BR><BR>I feel like an idiot asking this question but for some weird reason this doesn&#039;t work for me.<BR><BR>Mike m

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    Mike M. Guest

    Default BTW the aray is declared too

    BTW yes the aray is declared

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    New ASP Guest

    Default What is the error?


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    Default RE: What is the error?

    no error it just shows all the values as being null (nothing) even though I clearly entered values into the form.<BR>

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    Mike M. Guest

    Default RE: This is the dumbest thing....why aren't m

    This is the dumbest and stupidest mistake I searched through to find this problem on 4 guys and low and behold my answer was here.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Well NE way I fixed it sorry to trouble you guys and thanks<BR><BR>Mike M

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