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    Ed Guest

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    I have two questions:<BR><BR>Where can I go to find out how the arguments (source as object, E as EventArgs) work?<BR><BR>Also,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t have a spare PC on which to install the Framework SDK. What is the best way to learn ASP.NET if I cannot install this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>- Ed

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    Tommy McConnell Guest

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    Answer to the first question:<BR>do a response.write of the objects using the .ToString method.<BR>ie source.ToString and e.ToString,<BR>then look up the class or object<BR><BR>click the Net beta documentation then click the .Net framework reference. Check the properties and methods of the values displayed and then continue the dot notation until you find what you are looking for <BR>EXAMPLE Only:<BR>response.write(source.ToString) &#039;returns a datagrid(look up datagrid class in msdn)<BR>next step i want to to see what the id of this object is.<BR>response.write(source.ID.ToString) &#039; returns the id as a string of the datagrid<BR>drilling down as far as you need to go.<BR><BR>Tommy

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