Passing session variables to the body of an e-mail

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Thread: Passing session variables to the body of an e-mail

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    Default Passing session variables to the body of an e-mail

    I am using CDONTS.NewMail and am having a problem getting the user input into the body of the e-mail. The process by the user is that they select an exisitng customer from a list to automatically populate a form and from there select sendmail.asp. The first e-mail does go back to the originator indicating that their form has been sent, however, the 2nd email that should contain the user input is not processed.<BR><BR>The page that contains the form, I have used the following &#060;form method="post" action="abc.asp" name="info"&#062; around the set of various buttons, along with my hidden values. On sendmail.asp I have strBody=Info to pull from the previous page and have done the following: Info = & "Company Name: "& Request.Form("CompanyName")&"<BR>"_. I&#039;m not sure if I have been clear as I am still fairly new at ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>CybrMunchkin

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    CybrMunchkin Guest

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    Never mind. I have figured it out. However, the only values that I cannot seem to write to the body of the e-mail are the items that are in dropdown boxes. Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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