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    Hello!<BR>Can someone help me out?<BR>I have a database with date, time and data presented on asppages.<BR>I want to pick every new added item(that are automaticly produced from another source) from that database and compare it with another database(with date, time and data as well) to see if I alredy got the selected item in the other database.<BR>Thanks!

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    Well,in sql server i would recomend to use store procedures for it.

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    this is really a SQL question, but here&#039;s some info that might help. Based on the limited info (which DB?, what do you plan to do with the results, etc.) I&#039;d try asking this at or in the Database Q&A as well. <BR>If in SQL Server 7.0 + you can compare the two using DTS and use the results however you wish. If you can perform the operation on two similar tables (you know how) then design a package to do that across databases/sources and automate the results for future use. If you are stuck on how to query it - go to the SQL guru and look for UNMATCHED. <BR>here is a sample I use to add new e-mail addresses between an exchange dump and an offline database of the same information:<BR>INSERT INTO [Employees]<BR> (FirstName, LastName, EmailName)<BR>SELECT EXCHdir.[First Name], EXCHdir.[Last name], <BR> EXCHdir.[Display Name]<BR>FROM EXCHdir LEFT OUTER JOIN<BR> Employees ON <BR> EXCHdir.[Display Name] = Employees.EmailName<BR>WHERE (Employees.EmailName IS NULL)<BR><BR>Hope this help!

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