Hi!<BR><BR>I was wondering if someone here could give me a helping hand.. I have the following scenario:<BR><BR>- We have one server that is the main "transaction" server. I&#039;ll call this Server A.<BR>- There are several other servers on different LANs, that need to communicate with Server A. Let&#039;s call these Servers XYZ. These servers are running a kind of web shop based on ASP. <BR>The data I need to pass to and from Server A, is really just small variables to give status about the purchase, codes etc.<BR>- Servers XYZ need to verify that when they are sending their data to Server A, it is actually Server A on the receiving end.<BR>The same goes for when Server A is sending data back to Servers XYZ.<BR>I suppose I&#039;d prefer that the verification went both ways, so that that both servers involved in the communication would know that they were communicating with the correct server, so that someone isn&#039;t sitting in the middle sending bogus data.<BR>- All the servers are running IIS<BR><BR>First I thought this would be possible using SSL and sending ASP-generated HTTPS-strings between the servers. But I haven&#039;t found any info about IIS acting as a SSL-client.. <BR><BR>I know this doesn&#039;t have THAT much to do with ASP, but is it possible to do this kind of thing just using ASP and some sort of encryption/certificates?<BR><BR>Has anyone here done something like this? In that case, what kind of setup are you using?<BR><BR>Any help or pointers appreciated! :)<BR><BR>-<BR>Roger<BR>