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    Hi everybody!!!<BR>I´m Matias, and I´m posting this message from Argentina (South America).<BR>I don´t know much about programming, so I hope you can help me with this stuff.<BR>I need to draw a Bar chart with the values obtained from a txt file. Into this file I have something like that:<BR>01 POLARIS 100<BR>01 ROUTER 100<BR>01 GLOBAL 100 "POLARIS ROUTER" <BR>02 POLARIS 98.50<BR>02 ROUTER 99.73<BR>02 GLOBAL 99.25 "POLARIS ROUTER" <BR><BR>The first column are the days of the month, the 2nd. are the sources of the data and the 3rd. is the value that I need to draw in a bar chart, but only the "Global" values.<BR>Also I need to show the other 2 values with an _alt text ounmouseover the current bar.<BR>This file is updated every day.<BR>Hope you can help me, because I´m needing this urgently.<BR>I´ll appreciate any help with this.<BR>Thank you all !!<BR>Any other question about this, just drop me an email at<BR><BR>Best regards !!!!<BR>

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    Thank you for your help.<BR>I´ll read those FAQs and I´ll let you know how was it.<BR>Thanks again.<BR>Cheers !!

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