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    Hi<BR><BR>Is there anyway I can show a specific file on our Intranet. <BR>The file is located on our server.<BR>I understand that I cant use FSO. Is there something I can use instead if FSO???<BR><BR>Please help me<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Yes there is another way to do this but obviously the FSO is the best way.<BR><BR>--&#062;Is there anyway I can show a specific file on our Intranet&#060;--<BR>Well for, instance, if you want to show a file having a .txt extension and that you know the exact location(physical path) of that file on server, Then you could create a link that when the user clicks on it, it will open the file in the browser, but you have to understand that in some other type of file like .zip if the clicks on the link the download/save to disk dialog box will show and that&#039;s not what you want right?<BR><BR>So the best thing for you to avoid any problems is to go with FSO after all it&#039;s been carefully design by the guys/girls at Micro$oft just for that ;)

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