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    Hi all, I have a small problem with disabling form elements.<BR>Essentially, I have a page that comprises a radio box, with<BR>some associated check boxes. Depending on which radio box is currently checked, I only want to allow access to certain check boxes on the form.<BR><BR>Anyway, using jscript I iterate through the elements of the<BR>form setting its DISABLED property to true/false as appropriate.<BR>Works ok in IE, but nothing happens in NN.<BR><BR>My books are particularly vague - they dont specify any restrictions for the DISABLED attribute in the FORM tags, so I assumed there wouldn&#039;t be any restrictions when accessing it from script. Guess I was wrong.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    In IE I&#039;d recommend<BR>&#060;SPAN id=hideit style="display:&#039;none&#039;"&#062; then the buttons &#060;/SPAN&#062;<BR>then on your control that wants to display what&#039;s in the SPAN use<BR>onClick="document.all.hideit.style.display= &#039;inline&#039;"<BR><BR>This, according to Danny Goodman&#039;s required text "Dynamic HTML" (O&#039;Reilly) didn&#039;t work in NN 4 . I write exclusively for IE users of our Intranet, so can&#039;t say if it will work in newer NN versions. Give it a try.

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