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    Hi,<BR>Main Page ---&#062; Page 2 Consisting of 2 Frames --- &#062; <BR>Choose an option from the top frame to get a set of rows in the bottom frame<BR>Choose a row from the bottom frame to go to Page 3 - Detail Edit of the Row - Here the top frame also changes.<BR>On Page 3 Click Ok to save changes, how do I go back to Page 2 with the same records on display there as before choosing a record to edit.<BR><BR>I can use HTTP_REFERER to go back, but I do not want the records to be retrieved all over again. I have respose.expires=0 as most pages are build dynamically.<BR>Does this make sense and can I do it simple or do I need to write a whole lot of code and pass around querystrings / session variables etc ?<BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>Ram

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    Unfortunately, you will have to maintain state using session cookies or querystring vars. These will have to be passed between the framesets WHERE RELEVANT- remember, each frame IS a separate window so IIS wil process each frame in sequence, one after the other; also, remember to turn session variables off in the frames you dont need to maintain state as this wastes IIS memory

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