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    Help - I&#039;m having a problem with a notice board type page. The user can enter a question that is then posted on the page, in a seperate section, administrators can post answers, delete files etc. To do this they enter the ID number of the particular question they wish to edit. My problem arises if they enter a number that doesnt exist in the database - I get an error as no results are there to be returned.<BR>How can I return a message to viewer stating that no such record exists with that ID number? I&#039;m using an Access database on IIS4 and would be grateful for any help.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Blake<BR>

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    with Access, you&#039;d need to do a separate SELECT query to check if it exists. if .EOF, it&#039;s not there, I&#039;m sure you know the drill.<BR><BR>it&#039;s alot easier in SQLServer.<BR><BR>j

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