The dreaded '80020009' error when retrie

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Thread: The dreaded '80020009' error when retrie

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    Interesting problem here. I am getting the 80020009 error when looking up data from a table. But here is the catch, it only occurs when using Netscape 6.0. MSIE works fine, Netscape 4 also works fine.<BR><BR>I have read some about the 80020009 error and its fixes however the access database fields are text, number and date (no memo).<BR><BR>Any ideas how to fix and possibly why Netscape 6 won&#039;t render properly while all other browsers do?

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    are you passing data with spaces in through the querystring without URLEncoding it? and what&#039;s the error description? we don&#039;t all have a database mappinbg hex values to text descriptions in our heads, y&#039;know.

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