How to create emails on a pop3 server

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Thread: How to create emails on a pop3 server

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    Default How to create emails on a pop3 server

    I&#039;m wanting to offer emails for all my sites so people can have myname@????.com. They would need to be able to signup through the web and have the email automatically added into the system. Sort of like hotmail does. I can figure out the checking and sending of email using cdonts or aspmail, what I can&#039;t figure out is how to setup and delete the email from the server. Are there any free email servers for NT so you don&#039;t have to may the high price for exchange server? <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Default Ehhh.....I don't know that you are going....

    To find anything free that will do what you want...But if the price of Exchange puts you off, you might want to look at Ipswitch&#039;s Imail as a less expensive alternative.

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