Dynamically Adding rows to a normalized table.

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Thread: Dynamically Adding rows to a normalized table.

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    Default Dynamically Adding rows to a normalized table.

    I want to be able to allow users to add an undetermined amount of<BR>rows to a table (Up to 100). Without having them enter each row<BR>one at a time and submitting. I am relatively new at ASP. Is there a way to do this dynamically in a form? For example, I<BR>would like someone to add as many items to an order-item table as<BR>they would like to. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default a start

    check out this article to see how to dynamically resize the form.<BR>http://www.elementkjournals.com/asp/0003/asp0031.htm<BR><BR>Then you&#039;ll have to loop through the request.form collection and stuff the results in the db.

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    Default Use *static* HTML table...

    Suppose you provide your user space for 100 new items in the HTML table. Suppose your user enters data into only 3 of those spaces. <BR><BR>So what? So just add the 3 to the database and be happy.<BR><BR>Why do the number of empty spots on the screen *HAVE* to match the number of items to be entered? So long as there are *at least* enough, what matters it?<BR><BR>NOW...<BR><BR>Personally, I doubt I&#039;d put more on the screen than would fit without scrolling on a reasonable sized window.<BR><BR>For one thing, I&#039;d hate to be the poor user who entered 98 items out of 100 when the connection went down and I had to start over. Seems to me like maybe 10 items per page is plenty. If the user fills in all 10 spaces, write them to the DB and come back for another 10. Why not?<BR><BR>

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