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    Hi <BR><BR>We are using IIS on windows 2000 as our webserver. We don&#039;t have any development or test environments so far. Development, staging and production are lying on the same server on different directories of the server. I am trying to restructure it into different environments like development, Testing/Staging and production. And I want to implement Source Safe for source controlling purposes. I want to know where I can get help on Source Safe like getting asp help at this site. I went through the MSDN documentation but couldn&#039;t get enough help. Can anybody suggest some place where I can go and get some help on Visual Source Safe? Thanks

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    MSDN I thought was pretty good with VSS... really not too much to SourceSafe. What are you trying to do specifically that the walk through is lacking?

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    I basically need information about installation and integrating VSS with Front Page Express.

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