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    Anyone who knows how to use MySQL on a server? My server has set up a db for me. I need to regularly move contents back and forth between the MySQL db and an Access db. Or, if it&#039;s possible, have some sort of GUI that would sit on my computer and be able to access the remote database. Regularly downloading the database is not a realistic option.<BR>My server has no clue and I have found to be of little help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jarrod<BR>

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    Default Did you get a DSN to the MySQL DB?

    If so, you just open a connection via the DSN and you are ready to use the DB.<BR><BR>If not...then it depends on what kind of server you are on. <BR><BR>Personally, I&#039;d beat on the head of your server people to get you a DSN, though. It makes life easier in the long run.<BR><BR>As for moving data back and forth: You can moderately easily write a "table dump" routine that works with either DB and creates a text file as output. The text file could either be in ".csv" format or even as just a series of SQL statements that do INSERT INTO to put the data into the other DB.<BR><BR>Do you have command-line access to the MySQL DB? So that you an use the MySQL tools?<BR><BR>

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