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    Techman Guest

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    I am passing a login password from one page to another using a form(POST). I am concerned that a hacker can sniff the password as the password transfers from the input page to the validate page.<BR><BR>My question is, should this be a concern?<BR><BR>If so, is there a way for me to create/use a one way hash algorithem and apply it to both sides of the login (The page the user types in his/her login and the page in which the login is validated)?

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    Silicon Wolf Guest

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    The trouble with the hashing approach you mentioned is that your ASP code will have finished executing by the time your visitor sees the form button. So you wouldn&#039;t be able to run a hashing function until the next page loads.<BR><BR>If your password-protected page has sensitive information on it, your best approach might be to use a secure server. Otherwise you probably don&#039;t need to bother.

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