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    I have a client that wants to know when a user of our site actually reads one of our e-mails. We, of course, have a unique ID for each user (actually randomally generated, so that they cannot walk through our DB), which might be useful. <BR><BR>His idea is that once the user gets the e-mail (which is generated by CDONTS and might go to hundreds of folks) and it is looked at, the page will somehow send back their unique id so that we can catalogue that info... Any ideas? Impossible? A security issue? Lots of response encouraged!

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    I&#039;ve heard that there was some malicious code floating around that would report back if a user read an email, and if that email was forwarded to anyone...<BR><BR>Never seen any code though...

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    Default Here we go again......

    There was a HUGE discussion about this a few weeks back. You can do a search for the thread. The concensus seemed to be that there was no reliable way to do this. If the data isn&#039;t reliable what&#039;s the point?

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    There is a script that was used for a girl with cancer .... every time it ws forwarded she got 3 Cents for her medical bills.<BR><BR>Bill Gates made one that tracked an email he sent also.<BR><BR>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!<BR><BR>Yeah right .... cant do it buddy ... sorry.

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