*You all love this DHTML site*

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Thread: *You all love this DHTML site*

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    Default *You all love this DHTML site*

    The best i ever seen.Just wanna share since many keep on asking for DHTML sites.Cooool isn&#039;t it?<BR><BR>http://www.bratta.com

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    Default Irritating...Worse than those **** Flash sites...

    ...Took me forever to get to any real content. What a pain...

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    Kentium Guest

    Default Spam

    Hardly and good tutorials, and it&#039;s mostly stuff i&#039;ve seen for a couple of years now.<BR><BR>The site is geared towards hiring this clown to make drop down menus or some such...<BR><BR>Dont waste your time.

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default I hope all you Flash haters take

    note that DHTML in this context is nothing more<BR><BR>Flash smoking Hash.<BR><BR>A Flash Developer (when i have nothing else to do)

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Wow!

    That&#039;s a **** cool site! I have to show it to my friend who thinks you can&#039;t do anything without flash...

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    Default You're a flash fan?

    That&#039;s right, one of your sites is built in flash...<BR><BR>I like flash for cartoonnetwork.com -- my kid can play many of those silly games... I just don&#039;t like it for the entrance of a web site.

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    Default I like Flash.

    When it&#039;s used properly. Which is rarely. However, when it is, I think it&#039;s great. And yes, I too, hate sites that make you wait for two **** minutes as you sit through their intro...And pop up nineteen windows in the meantime.

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    Default RE: *You all love this DHTML site*

    best I&#039;ve ever seen, no but I am using his coolmenu in my site. Works pretty well although a little flaky in N6. Easy to program with asp though ie parent child relationships. Some cool and useful widgits at this site:<BR><BR>http://webfx.eae.net/<BR><BR>check out his forum, while slow I&#039;ll admit it is pretty cool.

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    Default HMMMMMM

    I try to think of the Flash sites that use it on their home page like a commercial on TV. It gives me a chance to take a potty break before the real stuf comes on.

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    The Woodsman Guest

    Default its a time killer

    Well,<BR><BR>I can put it on my resume.<BR><BR>Its fun, some of the effects are cool and I don&#039;t know how to do them without flash, even my crappy flash animation has some cool mouseovers (layers are neat).<BR><BR>I am not a flash lover but http://www.jacobscreek.com.au/splash.htm<BR>is neat. <BR><BR>I just want the dhtml psychos that put down Flash to ante up.

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