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    I am starting to design an online game using ASP as the core language. The only database I have used so far, and the only one I really have access to, is Access 2000. While I know this isn&#039;t the best database program out there, I have a few basic questions:<BR><BR>1. I had heard that the limit on entries is 250,000. Is this correct?<BR>2. I&#039;ve always kept the design aspects of the pages and the users that connect in the same database. Would it instead be better to split it into to two databases?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    1. No I&#039;v maxed it out a somewger around 21 million records in a table. The issue is number of concurrent users, if you&#039;re smart in your code ie only open recordsets and execute sql when absoutely needed and close everything asap then can support quite lot of users on the site.<BR><BR>2. Keep it all in the same db as only have o use one connobj then.

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