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    Here is a good one for thy guru&#039;s. I believe I already know the answer, but here goes: I am using ADO and SQL 7 to generate a portal. This portal creates html home page from an ASP page on the fly by writing all html, javascript and other langs to a text stream which I save as default.htm. It works fine til I approach what appears to be a BYTE BARRIER of approx 128000 bytes. <BR>Error Type: (0x80020009) Exception occurred I am using a post method. There are articles on msdn for bigpost dll files. Am I correct in my assumption? Is my byte size biting me??<BR><BR>Much appreciation:<BR>Lep

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    Default I don't understand...

    ...what "POST method" has to do with the process you described.<BR><BR>Oh, wait! How are you creating the text stream? Hopefully, but using Scripting.FileSystemObject and then CreateTextFile? If you are doing it by creating an ADODB.Stream object, then all bets are off! Such a stream object has to reside entirely in memory, and it wouldn&#039;t surprise me at all that there is a limit on the buffer size thus occupiable. Why would you *not* simply use the FSO and write to a file? There should be *NO* size limitations in that case.<BR><BR>On the other hand...<BR><BR>If you ever created a "default.htm" file for *ME* and it was 128KB, I&#039;d walk away from your service real darned fast. Good grief! I&#039;ve seen FLASH animations that are smaller than a long shot!<BR><BR>On a 28K baud connection--and there are still more of them in use than any other kind!--we&#039;re talking 50 seconds or so just to download the HTML...and that doesn&#039;t include any jpg&#039;s or gif&#039;s on the page. Shudder.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: I don't understand...

    Har, my sentiments exactly. I realte to your "shudder" Bill. I have said as much til I am blue in the face. However, this is Intranet and not Internet related. The file is huge and I have explained that to them; but that is what they want. Even on our superfast connection, it takes 4-5 seconds to load the page.<BR><BR>I truly appreciate the advice and will take your critique in hand. Thanks for the help, and the backup.<BR>Lep.

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    Default RE: I don't understand...

    In regard to the posts: Here is the Microsoft error explained for those who may bump into it ever:<BR> nk=21&src=DHCS_MSPSS_gn_SRCH&SPR=ASP<BR><BR>Happy Programming,<BR>Lep

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