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    Steve Traversi Guest

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    Hi all,<BR> After hosting my own sites locally for over two years, I&#039;m probably going to go the route of the asp nomad and do some contract work out of my area. To do this, I&#039;ll need to give up my office and move all of my domains (6 total) to an ISP.<BR><BR> I am in the process of moving over my main web site to Brinkster using their premium account. But I&#039;ve heard mixed reviews regarding their speed/reliability. MaximumASP seems like the best choice with all the features you get, but $199 a month is a bit steep for me right now. I also looked at which has some excellent prices, but after emailing them with specific questions, they responded more than 24 hours later and only answered one of my four questions. Not good.<BR><BR> So, I wanted to get some feedback from everyone who&#039;s done their homework on NT/2000 hosting and any recommendations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Steve

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    Default Thanks to Tony

    check this thread, he&#039;s got a good thing going<BR>

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    Hedgewick Guest

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    I tried on someone&#039;s recommendation and so far they have been great. Very quick and easy setup and it&#039;s only $5 per month for lots of space and traffic. I only get about 1000 hits/day but I haven&#039;t had any speed problems at all and I&#039;m just completely satisfied.

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    Steve Traversi Guest

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    Cool! That helps out quite a bit.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Steve

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    Steve Traversi Guest

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    Can&#039;t beat the price, but I couldn&#039;t find where they offer any SQL database, so that might be a problem. Not a biggie since only a couple are using SQL. But, this might be ideal for the rest.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Steve

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