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    my company put up a temporary computer configurer. <BR>(total asp version not ready) <BR> <BR>The front end is written in javascript and includes select boxes. Inside each of the values of the drop box is the price of the component - the box only shows the name of the component. It adds up the choices and displays the total dollar value at the bottom of the page. <BR>However, after the person submits the form for purchase; the confirmation page shows the following: <BR> <BR>55 Hydraulic ATX Case <BR>15 Microsoft Keyboard <BR>110 Intel P3 800Mhz Processor <BR> <BR>etc... <BR> <BR>the items are called through <BR> <BR>&#060;% ItemName %&#062; <BR> <BR>How can we strip the inital dollar value and only show the part names on the confirmation page? <BR>

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    Default You were answered awhile ago

    Didn&#039;t it work? I remember answering this for you.<BR><BR>Look at InStr(), Left(), Right(), Mid(), strcomp() functions to get what you need. You may even need to loop through each character of the string.<BR>

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