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    Please forgive me if this becomes a cross post. I posted in the COM forum, not remembering that that forum is moderated. Anyway, my question isn&#039;t on that board yet, so here goes:<BR><BR>I am looking for a component that I can use to build simple graphics via a web interface and save them to the server.<BR><BR>I have come across a few while searching online, but haven&#039;t seen exactly what I am looking for.<BR><BR>Capabilities I need:<BR>Create images in gif, png, jpg.<BR>Wide range of fonts for text.<BR>Create images that are composed of multiple seed images<BR><BR>An example of how this might be used:<BR><BR>A designer wishes to build a menu gif. Via a web interface, he defines the dimensions and background color of the gif, adds several menu options (text) in some font and incorporates a horizontal bar .gif as a separator for menu items.<BR><BR>I would like for all of the image creation to be done at the server - just a web interface that sends the text, colors, placement coordinates, etc. to the server, and the image is created and saved on the server.<BR><BR>There is a module in PERL that does something like this - called There is also an ActiveX control based on GD, but the font support looks quite limited.<BR><BR>Tips? Suggestions?<BR><BR>Thx...

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    Default have you searched for a solution? If not, try that first, they have *many* scripts/apps, some for free, some for a fee.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll search around looking for what you need. (or what is possible)

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