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    I have two questions in this request.. first, if I run an .asp on one domain which is hosted with RCN it will actually show me an error message and a line which makes things obviously 10x easier.. now on my website hosting with, it just gives me "This page cannot be displayed" .. no error message at all. Does anyone know how I can make it so that it will actually display errors? This is irratating! <BR><BR>Also, would anyone know why when I converted some code over from calling from an Access DB to SQL, why it would crap out on me? Are there any fundimental differences between SQL and Access in my coding? (I changed the connection method).. I just mean something I may be doing when I call from a recordset which is fine with Access but would crap SQL out ?<BR><BR><BR>Matt

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    #1 - your new hosting service is running (probably) iis5<BR>(remedy, turn off friendly error messages through IE? is that right fellas?)<BR><BR>#2 - Show relevant code of what&#039;s pulling the error. (oh, wait, you&#039;re not sure what it is) Well, post the record set actions, etc, *and* the connection string you are using to connect to SQL.<BR>Only thing off the top of my head that would be different in some SQL statements would be dealing with Dates. Access you must use #.<BR><BR>Just reply back with results after turning off friendly error messages. I think that&#039;ll remedy it those vague-*** errors. Annoying, eh? Yes yes

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    i&#039;ll tell you a little trick i use in my code that calls stored procedures (or access queries)<BR><BR>due to the fact that sqlserver stored proc parrameters must ALWAYS be prepended with the "@" character, i make sure that even in access, my query parameters are set up the same way. that way, when i write code to call the stored procs, i reference the parameters in the same way, whether it&#039;s in access or sqlserver.<BR><BR>as a matter of fact, last night i was up late porting data over from an access db to sqlserver and i can&#039;t even begin to tell you how many headaches were avoided by my having done what i just explained. i didn&#039;t have to change a single iota of asp code at all.<BR><BR>but to answer your question a little more directly (please forgive my ramblings), are you using stored procs? if not, USE THEM FROM NOW ON! if so, you may need to check and make sure that on the sqlserver side and also on the asp side your parameters are in the right format ("@" prepended) and that your data types are correct - there ARE some differences in the datatypes between access and sqlserver<BR><BR>hope that helps

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