How do you pick a webhost?

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Thread: How do you pick a webhost?

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    Brezhinksi Guest

    Default How do you pick a webhost?

    Does anybody know of a site with legitimate rankings for webhosts --none of those paid advertising?<BR><BR>Is there any way to pick a webhost other than playing Russian Roulette?

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    The Blue Baron Guest

    Default It's like women ...

    on the whole, you get what you pay for.<BR>This might help you choose though:<BR>

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    Brezhinski Guest

    Default I prefer MEN

    I prefer MEN

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    Default RE: How do you pick a webhost?

    Picking a webhost sucks. There are way too many factors that have to be taken into account. I think the most important thing is customer support. My site goes down occasionally every few weeks, but not for very long. If it stays down more than 20 minutes I call them up and they&#039;ve got 24 hour tech support, which is key. Granted, on the off hours it&#039;s some minimum-wage student who knows less about networking than I do, but at least it&#039;s someone to yell at and to compel to call the senior technicians.<BR>It also depends on what type of features you need -- ASP support, SQL, etc, NT, or Unix.<BR>All in all I&#039;m happy with my server, I have ASP support and ODBC. Unfortunately they don&#039;t support MS SQL server (so I use Access), but they do support MySQL. They charge like $30 / month, but since I&#039;m a reseller, I get a much better rate.<BR>There are cheaper hosts, like which only costs $7.77 per month & they have ASP and SQL, but my client who has a website there, his site went down once & it took 24 hours to get them to fix it. A friend of mine&#039;s website vanished one day and the host had no backup.<BR>Why anyone would want to become a server is beyond me, as you&#039;d really need to be on call 24 hours a day and the money&#039;s no good unless your hosting lots and lots of sites. I suspect many of these hosts are actually just a few people living in some shack down by the docks with a billion wires coming out of one antiquated pentium-200 machine.<BR><BR>So the best way to choose is by word of mouth.

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    Brezhinski Guest

    Default And Eunuch (UNIX)

    And Eunuch (UNIX

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    The Blue Baron Guest

    Default Well, it still applies ...

    You pay your money and hope you get all the bandwidth and support you wanted. Who knows, they may even send you flowers when it comes to renewal time.

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    The Blue Baron Guest

    Default At least with a eunuch I know...

    that the balls are in my court.

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