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    J Guest

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    I am inserting records into multipe tables, but have a problem.<BR>the first table has basic details, such as name, address. and the second table has additional details such as salary.<BR>the first table has the primaryID and the second table needs that ID added to the table, therefore the tables are linked.<BR>how can I update the second table with the related ID ?<BR><BR>thank you in advance.<BR>

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    RobT Guest

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    J Guest

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    J Guest

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    Thats not exactly what I mean.<BR><BR>Is there a way I can insert records, then just use something like,<BR>&#060;INPUT type="HIDDEN" size="20" name="ADID" value="&#060;%=rsamend.fields("ADID")%&#062;"&#062 ;<BR><BR>to show the currently added data ?

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