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Thread: PWS -- Reboot necessary? (PWS---->Internet)

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    Troy Guest

    Default PWS -- Reboot necessary? (PWS---->Internet)

    Sorry if this has been answered (couldn&#039t find it using Search)<BR><BR>I have Windows 95 and downloaded the PWS from Microsoft. Do i need to change my Control Panel&#124Network&#124TCP/IP Settings every time i want to go from using the Personal Web Server to using the Internet (and Reboot!!!!)? I am using a stand-alone PC and a dial-up connection.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR>Troy<BR>

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    MojoJojo Guest

    Default No

    Once you have PWS installed you don&#039t need to do anything with it in TCP/IP settings. You can just always leave your modem and PWS installed at the same time in the settings. Then when you connect to the internet, people can view your webserver at your ip address.

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    Troy Guest

    Default RE: No to Reboot

    Mojo & others:<BR><BR>Additional explanation is in order. I am using my PC with PWS as a testing environment for implementing ASP pages. I don&#039t need or want to allow access to my PWS Web (except for myself).<BR><BR>When I am connected to the PWS (using and I can dial into my ISP and connect, but IE5.0 and Outlook Express do not connect). When I am connected to the net (using automatically assign IP address) I cannot properly connect my PWS Web.<BR><BR>To change between the two listed states do i need to reboot or is there a way to have the 2 simultaneously running (2 tpc/ip connections?)<BR><BR>Thanks Again!<BR>Troy<BR>

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