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    I&#039;m fairly new at asp, so this may be a stupid question. I would like to know how the database connections actually work. Will a new connection be made everytime a new page is requested, or will the same connection be available the whole time for one user? And when do I close the connection?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Johan

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    always close a connection when it&#039;s no longer needed.<BR><BR>and grab yourself a manual and look up &#039;connection pooling&#039; (or try a search on one of the big ASP sites)<BR><BR>connections don&#039;t persist, cause they are so expensive in resources, they&#039;re repeatedly opened and closed for short periods of time, the shorter the better - what connection pooling does is allow &#039;sharing&#039; at a limited level, of connections.<BR><BR>j

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