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    If I use a pessimistic lock type while editing a row in a table of an access database, will users trying to view other data from that table be locked out during the edit? What if the users are accessing a page that lists all records in the table at the time of the edit? Will they be locked out from view this query?<BR>I don&#039;t want anyone to be locked out at anytime, what is the best Cursor type / Lock Type combo for me?

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    Perhaps check out the following:<BR><BR>Cursor & LockType Performance Report - 6/27/1999<BR><BR>Test was done for inserting recs instead of just getting them.<BR>Use adOpenForwardOnly cursor (the default) whenever possible for speed, but use adOpenStatic if want to use objRS.MovePrev or objRS.RecordCount.<BR>Use adLockReadOnly lock type (the default) whenever possible for speed, but use adLockOptimistic when updating and deleting or adLockPessimistic if leaving a recordset open for editing which of course one shouldn&#039;t do on the Web anyway.<BR><BR>Cursor & LockType Performance Issues - 6/27/1999<BR><BR><BR>Recordset Cursors: Choose the Right Cursor for the Right Job - 11/29/1998<BR><BR>"Dynamic and Keyset cursors allow you to see any changes which are made. While this is nice in a VisualBASIC application, it really doesn&#039;t apply to the web, since a request is made, and, like the static cursor, a snapshot of the information is brought back. There is no way to continuously update the data for the client without having the client refresh his screen (unless you delve into some of IE 4.x&#039;s new data features). Since this is the case for the web, you should never use Keyset or Dynamic cursors, since they hog up more resources than Static or forward-only. If you need to traverse through your recordset or need a count of your recordset, use a static cursor, else use a forward-only cursor."<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR>-Paul<BR><BR> - Databases on the Web<BR>

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