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    I&#039;m running IIS 5 on a small home network. I&#039;m trying to make a virtual directory which gets it&#039;s conents from a shared folder on a different machine. I can access the share fine from the server, but once I get the Virtual Directory set up, the IIS management console displays an error icon next to the folder name and I get prompted for a password when trying to view the folder in a browser.<BR><BR>Any idea what&#039;s wrong?<BR><BR>

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    yes... IIS can&#039;t cope with password protected shares unless (if i remeber correctly) they&#039;re mapped drives.

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    I have tried this on our network.<BR><BR>You need to tell IIS what User account to use when accessing the<BR>shared remote directory.<BR><BR>2. Select application from IIS manager<BR>3. Click New-&#062;Virtual Drive from popup<BR>4. Enter alias<BR>5. Enter full network directory path<BR>6. Enter Username and password for access (ensure username is prefixed with domain name)<BR>7. Access Rights - accept defaults<BR>8. Finish<BR><BR>should work ok.<BR>

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