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    I&#039;m trying to make my database more secure, but I have very little experience with Access. I&#039;m curious as to the best way to prevent people from accessing it without my permission.<BR><BR>(Bill - I didn&#039;t see this mentioned in the FAQs...)<BR><BR>Mat

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    if i were you i would either move it all to sqlserver or look into enforcing security on the server (NT or 2000 security)<BR><BR>plus, you can set up passwords for access can&#039;t you? i don&#039;t remember - i haven&#039;t messed with it in a long time

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    Default Access Database Security

    Access is not a secure database platform. The only way to truly secure your Access Database is to use it strictly for tables. You have to build an ASP frontend for it and enforce your security there. You can store a list of your users/passwords/security levels in a table in access, however if you allow access to the MDB file, your security is moot.

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