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    Hello,<BR><BR> I have a small project that I am working on for a client. They currently have some web-reports up and running using Powerbuilder. I have been given the task of converting that system into ASP. I have had no problems to date but I now ran into a wall. They have a form which allows them to search the database by date. There is a drop down menu box which gives them the following selections to select from:<BR><BR>1. Date Range Below<BR>2. This Week<BR>3. Last Week<BR>4. Month to Date<BR>5. Previous Month<BR>6. Year to Date<BR>7. Last Year<BR>8. Today<BR><BR><BR>I don&#039t know how I can get the "this week" and "last week" values. I have been playing around with the datepart function for VB and it seems to work great. Using this I can find out what the current week is, and the current day of the week is. I could try something like finding the current day of the week then subtracting from it but then what happens if the date is 6/03/99 and I go back 5 days, it won&#039t go back to 5/30/99. Please help, any suggestions are welcome.

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    Hi,<BR>everything you want to know about time/date conversions : <BR><BR><BR><BR>Hope This helps<BR>Karel

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