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    I have a object(object one)that I can only kick off if I write a VB wrapper. <BR>If I call object one) from ASP it doesn&#039;t work. So I created a my own COM object(object two) that calls the object one. If I call object two from ASP it still doesn&#039;t work. Does anyone know a work around for this. Possibly MTS could be used in the solution.

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    What is "object one"? Is this something you created in VB? Is it an ActiveX component?

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    I presume Object One is an ActiveX component.<BR><BR>I would suggest registering it within MTS, and then using<BR>Server.CreateObject(package.classname) in your ASP.<BR><BR>MTS has several advantages, even if your component is not transactional, and you can easily keep an eye on things<BR>with the MTS Explorer application.<BR>Remember to re-assign the component variable in the script<BR>to release the object when you are finished with it.

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