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    Here it is again, the web hosts love/hate list. I hope it is a help to at least some of you. Feel free to post web hosts that you love or hate. As for myself, I have had roten experiences with FastHosts, but have just signed a client of mine up with MaximumASP and am very impressed with them so far.<BR><BR>Thank you very much. Here is the list:<BR><BR>DESIRABLE<BR>---------<BR>• MaximumASP<BR>• inetdesign2k.com (internetdesign2000.com)<BR>• mavcorp.com<BR>• frontserve.com<BR>• affinity.com<BR>• silicomm.com<BR>• brinkster.com (they&#039;re free!)<BR><BR><BR>UNDESIRABLE<BR>-----------<BR>• FastHosts<BR>• control2.com<BR>• web2010.com <BR><BR>

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    start a site that just rates web hosts .... you could provide the content.<BR><BR>=]

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    Default That's not a bad idea. <eom>


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