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    Is it true in saying that if you are hosting your web site on more then one server then using sessions become redundant?<BR>My logic behind this is that when a session is created a small amount of memory is used on the server. If a session is created on say Server 1 and then you make a request and end up on Server 2 then the session does not exist( it still however exists on server 1). In some instances it will work because you may be redirected back to the server that the session was first created on, therefore giving a false impression.<BR>Can someone please confirm if this is correct or not.<BR><BR>Thank&#039;s in advance.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Yes

    Sessions will not cross web farms.

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    Default Yes but there are ways....

    to get passed that<BR><BR>let me see if i can find the URL for you<BR><BR>yep here it is<BR><BR><BR>

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