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    Why does everyone that has a super website tell me to get OFFF NT and move to unix?? Does this mean that my asp is useless?<BR>What about dlls useless too?<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    &#060;IMO post&#062;<BR><BR>Because NT with IIS and other such whatnot is a bunch of products developed separately and then glommed together in a fashion which does not make for the easiest of maintenece. Now, it&#039s probably not *everybody* who has a super site, and certainly Unix isn&#039t the deciding factor on superiority. But *nix do tend to have better resource allocation, performace, consistent security, multiapplicable scripting, etc. And there are some (Chili!soft, Halcyon or something) companies which are moving ASP out to other server platforms -- though Apache has been supporting embedded server side scripting (Perl, at least) for years now... The real issue is what you want to put in and then get back out of your website (given that you&#039re already on NT). I don&#039t think you&#039ll find the cost of porting your site to make *nix a good alternative... though you might want to keep it in mind when you get ready to start a new site.

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    I think one reason people encourage UNIX use is the fact that it doesn&#039t need to be rebooted every other day. That and it is a hell of a lot more secure.

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    I don&#039t want to get into a Unix/NT slagging match, but they both need to be set up properly to be stable and secure. The biggest difference seems to be that because NT is Windows, people seem to think you can run it straight out of the box. My (nameless) employer used to have 2 web servers, one Unix, one NT - guess which one got hacked to bits? (the Unix box, actually!) Our new NT box is running like a champ.<BR><BR>I think the real reason so many people advocate Unix is that most Comp Sci majors get bags of Unix experience at college, and then need jobs...<BR><BR>Wait till you see Windows Server 2000...<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Dunc

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    Duncan King..<BR>I see your like the winnt<BR>I have about 2 winnt servers running sp 6 winnt 4.0 and 2000 IIS 5<BR>I have a redhat box 6.0 running perl, mysql apache... <BR><BR>the both are runing an online each box is running an online casino<BR><BR>Can you imagine the amount of hells with that the winnt boxes.......<BR><BR>I think the real reason so many people use winnt is because of this user interface...it is good and the cost of system performance..<BR>

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    Alan Meier Guest

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    Having worked with both operating systems. I have to say that unix is much more reliable than NT. NT has a lot of memory leaks which was the primary cluprit for needing to reboot the box. Unix scales a great deal better than NT. Unix also has very good security where NT has now been removed from army bases because it has such poor security.<BR><BR>NT has 300% better tools than Unix. NT has a superior interface. NT has more technical people trained for it. NT has 2000% better marketing than unix.<BR><BR>As a major company over here that sells both Unix and NT boxes said, we have consulting services and if we sell a unix box we never hear from teh customer again. If we sell them an NT box we get at least one days consulting per month for life.<BR><BR>That said we are developing our application using ASP. It will initially run on NT until we start to experience serious volme after which we will move to unix and Chillisoft. I think that that is the best compromise.<BR><BR>

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    Ian S Guest

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    Because it&#039s the trendy thing to do. I agree that Unix is <BR>powerful but so is NT if used properly. The reason I like to<BR>develop for MS products is that they have a good level of support<BR>for developers. <BR><BR>Don&#039t get me wrong , I don&#039t get tied to technology. I can <BR>hack out PERL just as well as any ASP code, but I think It comes<BR>down to what resources you currently have available to you.<BR>Do you have the people, or an you get the people to develop<BR>and maintain a large site using a certain technology? If not<BR>can you get them? etc.<BR><BR>Many large sites are ran on MS products, including one of<BR>the largest sites in the world - Microsoft.com , Which definetly<BR>has a better track record than slashdot.org (I cant get it to <BR>come up!aargh!)<BR><BR><BR>The best suggestion I can tell you is - <BR>Dont get tied to a technology.

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    Scott Sargent Guest

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    As far as security is concerned with unix vs NT, either product can be hacked to bits. Security has much more to do with the administrator & safe practices. There is no magic operating system both NT & UNIX have had serious holes at times. There are many more people who know how to hack unix. In many places websites are mission critical, security should not be taken lightly. Take time to learn about the product and assume security is a constant process that you have to work towards. It is not answered when you shell out for a unix box instead of NT.

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