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    I&#039;m having MAJOR problems with permissions in IIS. I&#039;ve tried uninstalling it, deleting all content, etc. and then reinstalling it, and I&#039;m still getting permissions errors. I&#039;ve done everything MS&#039;s knowledgebase documents say about minimum permissions, etc, even going so far as to manually set permissions to keys in the registry.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the question: is there some way to uninstall IIS ALONG WITH ALL ITS SETTINGS? I&#039;d like to make IIS install as if it had never been on my server before.

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    you&#039;d probably have to re-install evrything - there&#039;s always some detritus i the registry - it&#039;s a long-standing windows problem. tell us what the exact problem is, maybe there&#039;s a work-round.<BR><BR>j

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